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Marpatag: Espíritu de los Glaciares

Marpatag: The Spirit of the Glaciers

Spectacular full-day tour in a framework of outstanding natural beauty where you will visit the town of El Chalten, the Canyon of Las Vueltas River and Lake Desert (Lago del… [+]

Ríos de Hielo Upsala y Spegazzini

Ríos de Hielo Upsala y Spegazzini

This tour is suspended until further notice, as similar alternative the Ice Rivers Express tour is recommended. This navigation is one of the most important tours that can be made… [+]

Marpatag: Experiencias Glaciares Gourmet

Marpatag: Gourmet Glaciers Experience

MarPatag Cruises offers the most exclusive full day navigation in the Los Glaciares National Park, offering saling through the waters of Lake Argentino on the ship “Leal”. This cruise for… [+]

Ríos de Hielo Sunset

Ríos de Hielo Sunset

Full day sailing very similar to All Glaciers tour but covers only the northern arm of Lake Argentino. The tour goes through the Spegazzini and the Upsala glaciers, entering the… [+]

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