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Marpatag: The Spirit of the Glaciers

Marpatag: Espíritu de los Glaciares

The Santa Cruz Cruise offers a level of exclusivity and luxury as unprecedented regarding excursions in the Los Glaciares National Park allowing you to sail 3 days and 2 nights in front of the Upsala, Spegazzini, Mayo and Perito Moreno glaciers while you enjoy a great all inclusive gourmet service and overnight against this ancient ice.

The program “The Spirit of the Glaciers” is a unique experience worldwide and available only for a few travelers who enjoy luxury, comfort and alternatives to traditional tours.

During the 3 days and 2 nights tour onboard the Santa Cruz Cruise you will go in search of the “Spirit of the Glaciers” sailing in front of walls of more than 50 meters high, deep blue millenary ice, majestic icebergs, long Patagonian evenings that paint the sky in shades of red, and nights so dark that allow the Milky Way to be reflected in the lake’s surface.

Day 1. You embark on the Santa Cruz Cruise in the private port La Soledad, Calm Bay (Punta Bandera) at 18:00. Check in will be on board with a welcome drink and then you will be introduced to the crew, who will assign the cabins for the journey. Around 18:30 the cruise departs to Puesto de las Vacas where you will spend the first night.

Day 2. After a delicious breakfast, passengers will disembark at Puesto de las Vacas for an interesting walk. Later, and back onboard the cruise after the walk, you will sail to the Spegazzini Glacier where you can enjoy lunch, and then navigate to the Upsala Glacier where you can glimpse fabulous icebergs. Finally, you will sail to Bull Bay, in the Seno Mayo, where you will spend the second night.

Day 3. In the morning you will depart heading south. There occurs an adventurer disembark to re-enter the Andean-Patagonian forest that allows experiencing the magnificent natural landscape of the glaciers Mayo and Negro. Later, the cruise sails towards the Icebergs Channel, to target the Perito Moreno Glacier and then finish the tour in the private port La Soledad, Quiet Bay in Punta Banderas. At 16:00 pm. you disembark for the transfer to El Calafate.

The Santa Cruz Cruise is the newest and largest ship currently sailing the waters of Lake Argentino and began providing services in 2013. It has 21 double cabins with private bathroom and external view which allows to comfortably accommodate 42 passengers. The Cruise has also a library, living room, bar, restaurant, air conditioned rooms, high-tech kitchen and three decks.

Departure time: 18:00 (day 1). Only Tuesdays and Fridays
Arrival time: 16:00 (day 3)
Annual availability:From September to April.
Requirements: -.
Duration:46 horas..
Time needed:Medio día..
Included: Tres días y dos noches de navegación en el “Lago Argentino” disfrutando del los Glaciares Perito Moreno, Mayo, Upsala y Spegazzini. Alojamiento en cabinas con baño privado y pensión completa. Bebidas no alcohólicas e infusiones durante todo el viaje. Bebidas alcohólicas durante almuerzo y cena. Actividades a bordo con guías bilingües. Traslados desde los hoteles de El Calafate. Entrada al Parque Nacional..
Not included:Propinas a voluntad de cada pasajero. Bebidas alcohólicas fuera del horario de las comidas. Servicio de Bar..
Difficulty: Baja..
Available languages: Español, inglés..

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