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Marpatag: Gourmet Glaciers Experience

Marpatag: Experiencias Glaciares Gourmet

MarPatag Cruises offers the most exclusive full day navigation in the Los Glaciares National Park, offering saling through the waters of Lake Argentino on the ship “Leal”.

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This cruise for up to 28 passengers offers the best alternative for full day travelers who want to know the Spegazzini Glacier and the Upsala glacier (momentarily with an iceberg barrier) more intimate.

The “Gourmet Glaciers Experience” proposes sailing the waters of Lake Argentino in search of the “Spirit of the Glaciers”. Walls over 50 meters high, ancient deep blue ice and majestic icebergs let you enjoy nature in all its magnitude. The “Gourmet Glaciers Experience” is an ideal program for those passengers who want to know the National Park Los Glaciares in an exclusive manner. It includes a tasting menu of four steps presented by the chef on board the vessel, accompanied by an excellent service.

The tour starts when we pick you up at your hotel in El Calafate and take you to Puerto Bandera located 50 km from the city. There, you embark on the private port La Soledad (Bahía Tranquila). The navigation starts heading towards the iceberg barrier from the Upsala channel and, after crossing the barrier, you head to the front of the Spegazzini glacier. In front of this glacier, which is the highest in the National Park, the company offers a gourmet lunch on board.

Towards evening, the cruise Leal reaches the Puesto de las Vacas, which is a very quiet bay within the Spegazzini channel, where it silences the engines and enables you to share an interesting walk coordinated by the team of guides. Once back on the boat, you start navigating back to the private port La Soledad.

On board the cruise Leal it is offer personalized attention and an excellent service for discerning travelers.

Amouse Bouche: Smoked corn soup, olive focaccia and pickled mushrooms.
Starter: Lamb terrine and hazelnuts. Syrup of figs and chives, braised lentils and humus coral, garlic and curry.
Main course: Prawn risotto from Santa Cruz and its juice with tomato confit and herb butter.
Dessert: Gingerbread pastry, cream with white chocolate and caramel. Compote of raspberries and pinot noir.

Departure time: The hotel pick up starts at 7:15 Am. If you have your own transportation, you must be in Punta Bandera at 8:15 Am, where the boat departs at 8:30 Am.
Arrival time: Between 18:15 and 18:45.
Service provider company: Cruceros MarPatag.
Minimum group size:No.
Annual availability:From September to April.
Requirements: -.
Duration: 11 hours.
Time needed: Full day.
Included:Lunch, tea and soft drinks..
Not included: Entrance to the national park.
Difficulty: Low.
Available languages: Spanish, English.

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