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Lake Argentino coastline 4 x 4

Riviera del Lago Argentino 4 x 4

Special winter activity which allows driving through barely passable roads and exploring Lake Argentino with its jagged coastline and cliffs and the endless steppe rich in fossils, flora and fauna.

You depart from El Calafate in a 4×4 Land Rover Defender and only at 5 km from the city you will enter towards the shore of Lake Argentino. The type of terrain which you will find are gravel tracks, sometimes covered with snow, and the typical steppe with abundant coirones and a variety of shrubs and Calafate bushes. You will cross frozen lagoons and the Centinela River. Then, you will climb the highest plateau in the area, reaching a vantage point located 300 meters above sea level, where you can observe a cliff that drops steeply down to the lake and where you can also sight archaeological sites.

Later, you will descend the plateau crossing dunes and the beach to finally arrive at a site protected by shrubs and Calafate bushes next to the Centinela River where you expect a lunch or picnic.

If you take the tour in the morning shift you will have, on the spot, disk steaks served in sandwich, drinks (soda, water, wine) and fruit.

If you take the tour in the afternoon shift you will have, on the spot, fried cakes on a disk served with hot chocolate and mate.
This tour recreates the way, somehow, old travelers who carried wool performed their activity in the area of El Calafate. They chose this area as a spot along the river protected by shipwrights.

After the picnic by the fire, you return to the track that hits the road in front of Cerro Commission, from where you have 10 km to El Calafate.

Departure time: 10:00 (morning shift) 14:00 (afternoon shift)
Arrival time:13:30 (morning shift) 17:30 (afternoon shift)
Service provider company: Cerro Frías.
Minimum group size: No.
Annual availability: From May to August.
Requirements:Take coat, hat and gloves.
Duration: 4 hours.
Time needed:Half day.
Included: Transfer from the hotel. Steaks in sandwich served with drinks (soda, water, wine) and fruit in the morning shift. Fried cakes, hot chocolate and mate in the afternoon shift.
Not included: -.
Available languages:Spanish, English.

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