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Clothing recommendations

Southern Patagonia and the Andes in particular, have a very changing and unstable weather, in terms of hours we feel an intense heat when the sun is shining directly on us and in minutes we can be under heavy rain, very low temperatures and strong winds. In order to fully enjoy the activities we do, we must take into account recommendations with respect to clothing and other items.

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When choosing clothes and items to bring, keep in mind that the months of January to February are the windiest (65% of days with winds over 50 kms/hour) and therefore caps should be adjusted, if you wear rain gear should not be too large because they fly, etc. During Autumn, wind is mild but the temperature drops (Average: 18 C°. Minimum: 6 C° in the morning or evening) and during the winter months temperature drops below zero degree and you require more warm and thick clothes.

Clothing:the concept is to use the “peel of onion” (lots of thin layers) that allows you to wear only the necessary clothing.

Jacket:waterproof type (to prevent rain and wind to pass through) rather than thick; it is important to have inside rain hood. Removable better: ideal ones are those that have locks on the armpit level (20 cms) allowing air and regulate body temperature. Not recommended: short jackets (the waist) and not well protected from cold and wind in the area of the back and waist.

Shoes: Ideal type rough-soled trekking (Pantanal wheel type) (not smooth tennis type) if they are gorge MUCH better because they protect the ankles. The soles must be thick to not feel the stones in the soles of the feet, dark colors are ideal, brown dirty help less (at least not obvious, the dirty white in 10 minutes). No high heels or platforms! If you buy new, attempt to use them at least several hours at home.

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