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Soñando por Cantar melted the glacier with pure music in El Calafate

On 31 May and 1 June El Calafate showed two days of the popular Argentine television program called “Soñando por Cantar”, where forty participants were able to get on stage and sing for thousands of people attending the city’s municipal gym .

It is one of the highest rated television programs in the Argentine territory, as well as spread to Latin America, and is notable for showing hidden talents of those who do not have the opportunity to appear in front of a so massive audience. The show consists in a singing contest while participants are assessed by four prestigious jury in a framework of emotion buiding the unique opportunity for participants to jump to fame.

Nearly 1400 people entered the covered space dominated by a huge stage with more than 10 meters wide and a catwalk where the jury assessed the participants.
The typical color of the lights and scenery dressed up the city’s gym of El Calafate as a major television studio, where people stood, many carrying signs to greet their loved ones, to identify themselves or to support any of the finalists.

All night the TV host, Mariano Iúdica praised the beautiful landscapes of the region and recommended viewers to visit El Calafate.

Also the jury, Valeria Lynch, Patricia Sosa, Alejandro Lerner and Oscar Mediavilla highlighted the care received and the hospitality of the people.

One by one with no commercial breaks participants were up on stage. Highlight moments were lived by the audience and the most spontaneous emotional recognition was made to Hugo Gimenez Aguero. It was after the participant Jose Saez (from Pico Truncado) finished singing a song from the Berbel brothers.

The program required several weeks of preparation prior to transmision and created great expectations in the town and across the Patagonian province of Santa Cruz. Also promoted El Calafate showing the natural beauties, making them known in the Argentinian and the Latin American public.

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