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134th Anniversary of the Baptism of Lake Argentino – February 2011

Already under way the countdown to one of the biggest music festivals in Patagonia: the Anniversary of the Baptism of Lake Argentino, the date on which the calafateños recall the feat of Francisco Moreno, in coming to the selands and claim the mon behalf of Argentina’s sovereignty. The City of El Calafate, like every year, is finalizing the organization of one of the most anticipated music festivals throughout Patagonia.

The 134th Anniversary of the Baptism of Lake Argentino leaves a total of 9 nights of pure music, with the presentation of the most outstanding Argentinian bands of the time. The festival will run from Friday, February 11thcontinuously, without any free night until Saturday19th February inclusive, which will host the grand finale of the festival.

The tentative list of artists performing are as follows: Abel Pintos, Oscar “El Chaqueño” Palavecino, Hugo Giménez Agüero, León Gieco, Soledad Pastorutti, El Original, Los Palmeras, Ignacio Copani, Attaque77,The Joker, La Barra, among others.

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